Dipartimento di Fisica "G. Galilei" Università degli Studi di Padova

Access to online resources - Introduction

The Auth-Proxy service allows you to browse electronical magazines/journals and databases from the University Library System (SBA, Sistema Bibliotecario di Ateneo) from outside the University network.

In these pages the single steps required for installing and configuring a Firefox plugin are explained.


A proxy server allows to show web pages in a browser by hiding the real computer (that is, your PC) which makes the request for the page itself. In Auth-Proxy only the proxy server is allowed to access the online resources, so everyone who needs such resources has to connect to the proxy server before: each request for a web page is then forwarded from the proxy to the central server.

The Library University Center (CAB, Centro di Ateneo Bibliotecario) offers an authenticated proxy service: this one requires a valid login which allows the identification of every single user, in order to allow connections from every network but, at the same time, to prevent abuses from unauthorized users (by session tracking). University workers and students can ask for an account (with username or by following the procedure described in this web site (in Italian). Workers from other institutions operating inside the Physics Department should instead request this feature along with their INFN account.

CAB also offers a Firefox plugin (Proxyfacile), which allows a rapid activation/deactivation of the proxy service without restarting the browser. If you like to use this plugin, please follow this link (in Italian). In the same page you will find useful info about similar plugins, some of them can manage more than one proxy service (if you use similar services for other purposes).

The Department Computing Service recommends instead the QuickProxy plugin: it operates in the same way, but it's easier to configure and with the important feature of automatic proxy deactivation when closing the browser. Instructions about how to install and configure this plugin follow:

Install the following Firefox Plugin:  QuickProxy

Complete the installation (as you would do with any other plugin), and then restart Firefox.

You should see a red icon like this one:  P rossa nella barra di stato  in Firefox's status bar (if you don't see the status bar, check in the "View" menu if the "status bar" entry is selected). Right-click over this icon (on a Mac, press Ctrl and then click with the mouse) and select the following commands: 


as shown on the picture below:

QuickProxy Preferences

Next, configure the proxy server in Firefox options (Preferences -> Advanced -> Network -> Settings)

Fill in the fields as shown in the following picture:

Firefox - Connection Settings

 you can cut-and-paste this URL ""
(without quotes).

That's it! This configuration needs to be done only at the first time.

Using the plugin

Click on the icon in the status bar to enable/disable the proxy:

(*) Your username is or or, whether you are a University worker, a University student or an INFN worker/guest.

You can manage your account in this page (in Italian) from the CAB web site.